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Contraceptive Day Registration


Objective of the event:

Our aim is to improve awareness of contraception and to enable people to make an informed decision,so that every pregnancy is a planned one!


Description of the event:

Shifa clinic has partnered with PASOs to bring awareness to the commnuity for the contraceptive devices. You will have the opportunity to have a counselling/education session with PASOs representative in spanish to help you explore options that work best for you. Once you decide on the choice of device and wish to proceed then you will have to fill out an application and provide proof of income, ID , and proof of residency at front desk . Once the intake is completed you will then proceed to the clinical area for insertion where after your medical intake is done Dr Khan will be inserting the device of your choice and answering any further questions you have.


How will I be eligible for the Device?

Click here to see your eligibility requirements.


Will I get the device the same day?

If eligible,you will receive the device on site till supplies last. If we are unable to provide the device on same day, we will put you on waiting list for the next earliest available spot.

Mirena will be the only long acting device that we will not be able to put on same day as it requires a pre approval application which we will fill on your behalf.


Who will be putting the device in?

Dr.Khan who is an Board certified OB/GYN will be responsible for the procedure.


How long will a typical appointment last?

Once you decide to register we will assign a time slot that is mutually convenient

Plan to arrive 15 minutes  prior to the time slot given and make plans to stay 30-45 Min.


Do you have spanish speakers?

We will have spanish speakers available for translation!


What is the process of registration?

To register for the event and eligibility please follow the following link and complete eligibility requirements.

Eligibility Requirements