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It has been and honor and privilege to be part of the Shifa clinic team. Over the years the clinic has bloomed into a full time multi-specialty medical practice through the blessings of Almighty who has brought forth people and organizations like you to support and help us grow. The Clinic has cultivated a culture of peace , understanding , professionalism and good will. Everyone at the clinic from our full time staff to all our volunteers strive to bring forth these values in their interaction with each other and the people whom we serve. It is truly infectious.

We believe the at Shifa Clinic it is all about love, service, compassion, coming together and bringing the best in each one of us. With each passing year, we continue to strengthen our programs to focus on what matters most – our patients.

We continue to be impressed by both the need for care within our community and the willingness of individuals, organizations, and foundations to join us in our efforts to meet those needs. Strong support from our community makes it possible for us to provide a wide range of  services to our patients and improve the health of our community one  person at a time.

Thank you all for your commitment and support. You are the real heroes.