Volunteer of the Quarter: Pip Palmer

Pip Palmer originally from England. Pip and her family visited Charleston SC in 2012 for three years they fell in love with the Charleston charm, currently her and her family call it home. She is a mother to three wonderful teenagers; Pip currently works part time in general management. Prior to moving to the United States her background was in healthcare management and the non-profit sector.

Pip has been volunteering at the Shifa clinic for over four years! Pip’s time at the clinic, helping us with administrative work such as Book keeping, monthly reports ,as well as referral follow up’s. Her contribution and continuous support has made an impact in out day to day operation!

What initially interested you about volunteering at the Shifa Free clinic?
 A friend told me about the clinic with my background in health care management I wanted to contribute and     make a difference by giving something back

 How would you describe your overall experience with the Shifa free Clinic?
Fantastic it has grown and thrived in the last few years. It is joy to be part of it.

What is your greatest achievement and how has it shaped  you?
In addition to having 3 kids who appear to be happy and healthy and of whom i am immensely proud my greatest achievement is winning the United Kingdom non profit of the year award with my work for deaf and hard of hearing people.
If you could choose your last words what would they be?
On to the next adventure
How do you want to be remembered?
With laughter love and someone who was true to herself and enjoyed making a difference